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Tofana Super Trail nel Cortina Bike Park Dolomiti, Alpi, Veneto, Italia. Dolomiti Bike Company coi suoi trail builders progetta, realizza e fa manutenzione di sentieri e opere legate alla mountain bike, natura e massimo rispetto ambientale nei cantieri e progetti MTB. Tofana - Freccia nel Cielo, ISTA Ski Area, attività all'aperto in montagna, Cadore, sport, escavatori in azione per sentieri da mountain bike, Tofana

Tofanina Trail

Type of trail: Flow

Difficulty: Difficult

Length: 7 km

Drop: 570 m (800 m till Socrepes)

Average gradient: 11 % 

Flow trail of 7km, among the longest of its kind.

Starts at over 2000 m with several double lines, suitable for both beginners and racers.
It features many style changes and goes from scenic areas to jumps even over 5m.
The course is a masterpiece in a natural area among larches, stone pines and mountain pines; it requires no special technical skills, but because of its length it is classified as difficult.

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