Services of Dolomiti Bike Company

Dolomiti Bike Company srls specializes in the design, management and maintenance of bike parks, pump tracks or natural trails dedicated to mountain biking as well as the promotion of any tourist activity specializing in mountain biking. The activity it offers are related to the tourist cycle , like creation of bike parks to organization of sporting events such as race organization, promotional events and bike tests. For small businesses that do not have experience in the tourism cycle sector, the Dolomiti Bike Company offers a consultancy service in the tourism cycle, related to any tourist activity related to the cycle tourist activity, like bike rent, cableway companies, ecc

Bike Park Design, Implementation and Maintenance

The constant increase of downhill, enduro and mountain bike enthusiasts requires the increase of bike parks in the area. Thanks to our experience, the Dolomiti Bike Company is able to follow the construction of a bike park, starting from the overall evaluation of the territory to the project of the bike park and finally the build and maintenance of the bike park. The construction steps of a bike park vary according to the state laws that regulate the tourist cycle activity. Generally the first point is the creation of a project concerning the bike park, a project that identifies the various trails through GPS tracking with every necessary detail. Approved the project begins the real trail building activity, a very complex activity that requires a lot of experience in the construction of trails and bike parks. Like every bike park, once opened to the public, requires careful maintenance, a task that the Dolomiti Bike Company already does in multiple areas

Organization of Events and competitions

The best way to promote a tourist cycle activity where there is a bike park or a bike shop is by organizing cycling races and events, in fact for several years the Dolomiti Bike Company has been organizing mountainbike, enduro and downhill races in some of the bike parks managed by us. A race or event must be organized in the best possible way and not at ”lost time”, in fact the Dolomiti Bike Company srls proceeds to the creation of a race by creating new trails or adapting the existing ones in the best way and Collaboration with cycling equipment companies and brand specialized in bike production, at every races there is a bike festival, with an expo area and test bikes. The races we organize can be of any type, from road cycling to downhill, including cross country, enduro, 4cross, dual slalom and even mountain biking competitions on snow with fat bike.

Cycling tourism consultancy

The creation or implementation of tourist cycle structures like bike parks, pump tracks or small bike rent, must be done according to specific criteria. Frequent mistakes are made in underestimating the potential of a territory not considering the constant increase of riders in particular in Europe. Thanks to the experience we are able to offer valid advice for the creation or modification of any tourist structure that is linked with cycle tourist activity, from a hotel that intends to build a sector for the maintenance of bicycles, to a company interested in the creation of a bike park, estimating the real costs and revenues that this, following a good advertising, can obtain in three years. We can also offer help in organizing races and events, remaining external to them; recommending the best possible format and evaluating the pros and cons of the race track or the date chosen, estimating the number of participants and the real costs and revenues necessary to organize it.

Video Trail Building - Krampus trail