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Trail builders al lavoro in un cantiere di realizzazione trail per le bici a Cortina d'Ampezzo, con escavatore e lavoro a mano naturale. Dolomiti Bike Company

Trails construction

Once all permits have been obtained, we proceed with the practical realisation of the work. 

With technical equipment and a large range of trail building machinery, we like to take care even of the smallest details.  

We strongly believe that success in this kind of works derives also from the experience of those who, with passion, descend those trails on their mountain bikes, calibrating every parabolic and each slope in the best possible way.

Particular attention is given to the environment, following a policy of least possible impact. 

Not only bike-related work, but also walking paths, maintenance of mountain trails and of those in hard-to-reach places. 

Trails maintenance

Already during the construction phase, the bike park is designed in such a way that doesn't require many maintenance work, to lower the operating costs and improve efficiency.

The trail builders take care of both periodic and extraordinary on-demand maintenance, keeping an eye on adverse weather conditions that could damage the trails.

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